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Set of items: 2 bars of soap, a 2oz skin cream, bottle of sanitizer, loofah slice, foot mask and small bottle of neem oil

Full Foot Care Package

Our feet literally carry us through the day, and yet are often overlooked in terms of self care.  Give your feet the attention they deserve!  Daily washing, thorough drying, moisturizing and exfoliating are key to maintaining good foot health.  This package contains an excellent exfoliating foot mask, a choice of two different handmade glycerin soaps, tea tree sanitizer and neem oil to help fight foot fungus, a choice between lavender or cocoa scented skin cream for deep hydration and a loofah for extra scrubbing power.  Keep those feet naturally happy and healthy with this complete package!

  • Soap Options Include:

    Each package includes a handmade neem soap bar and sand soap bar.  Choose between our Neem Tea Tree Soap, or for more odor protection, our Neem Tea Tree Charcoal Soap.  Sand soap options include our naturally scented Eucalyptus Sand Soap with eucalyptus essential oil, or our Ocean Sand Soap with our most popular artificial fragrance.  

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