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Set of items: 5oz soap bar, 2oz skin cream, foot mask and loofah slice

Basic Foot Care Package

Sometimes our feet need a little loving too!  With this product, you get the key ingredients to good foot health- washing, exfoliating and moisturizing- in one convenient package.  This comes with an excellent exfoliating foot mask, an option of lavender or cocoa butter skin cream for deep hydration, a choice between four of our handmade glycerin soaps and a loofah for extra scrubbing power.

  • Soap Options Include:

    Our soap choices are:  

    Neem Tea Tree Soap- best for its antifungal properties

    Neem Tea Tree Charcoal Soap- antifungal and odor fighting

    Eucalyptus Sand Soap- naturally scented with eucalyptus essential oil, maximum exfoliating power

    Ocean Sand Soap- scented with our most popular artificial fragrance, maximum exfoliating power

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