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Standard Essential Oils

     Imported        Authentic

We select the highest quality essential oils, imported from India, to bring you the best in aromatherapy. 

These hard-to find oils are deeply aromatic. They are "the real deal"!

A bargain at $20 for a 10ml amber colored glass bottle with dropper top.  Pure natural essential oils, 100% full-strength, undiluted.

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Jasmine Essential Oil


Derived from jasmine flowers. Notes: intensely floral, musky, sensual, rich.



Neroli Essential Oil


Derived from the flowers of the Seville bitter orange tree.  Used extensively in the perfume industry.  Neroli’s relaxing aroma is crisper than that of lavender, which has similar relaxing qualities.

Rose Essential Oil


This small bottle was made with about 20,000 rose petals.  Used as a perfume and to treat skin issues like blemishes, wrinkles and dark spots.

Thief Essential Oil Blend


A blend of clove, cinnamon, lemon, eucalyptus and rosemary.  The story goes that medieval grave robbers used this blend in their masks to avoid sickness while committing their crimes.  Known for powerful antimicrobial effects.

Karma Essential Oil Blend


A blend of patchouli, pine, lavender, orange and lemongrass.  We created this blend when Lush was unable to fulfill customer demand during the pandemic.  Unlike Lush, ours is all-natural.

Patchouli Essential Oil


Derived from a flowering shrub.  Known to moisturize skin and as an aphrodisiac.  Commonly associated with the Hippies, presumably because the strong smell combats that of marijuana.

Sandalwood Essential Oil


Derived from the hand-carved heartwood of 30 year old sandalwood trees.  Known for use as a perfume and to boost focus.

Vetiver Essential Oil


Derived from a fragrant grass plant.  Known to help overcome shock and for use in hair to promote hair health and prevent lice.

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