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Glycerin Soaps and Aromatherapy

Our bar soap is crafted from quality soap bases, essential oils and fragrances- all mixed according to specially designed recipes to create the scents customers know and love.

Our products feature a long list of hand selected, high grade essential oils.  With full strength and roll-on options, customers can mix and match scents to create their own aromatic experience.

We use the antibacterial and calming properties of essential oils to provide sanitizers and mists that are effective and relaxing, without harsh additives.

Mother Nature's Beauty offers the finest quality handmade glycerin soaps, essential oils, shaving soaps, shampoo bars, skin cream and aromatherapy products.  We are a small family business located in Highlands, New Jersey.  You can find us online, on The Blue Soap Bus mobile store throughout New Jersey and New York, or at our store, Sensorium Emporium, in Red Bank, New Jersey.


Homemade Natural Soap


-Google Review-

I was really pleased with the variety and quality of their essential oils but their customer service is OUTSTANDING! I highly recommend them.

Natural Soap Bars


-Google Review-

Best soaps! I love love the soaps best ones I have used and I have brought soaps from everywhere.

Wellness Products


-Google Review-

Fantastic quality soaps, passionate people work here i got to get a bunch while at the fair and i’m glad i did!!! Try the Nag Champa or the Frankincense they are splendid, thank you again!

Homemade Natural Soap


I just received my order in the mail! Thank you for shipping it to me, that was very kind! I’ve been using your shaving soap for the last couple years and it’s the best I’ve ever used! Nothing else works quite as well and I recommend it to everyone!

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