Soap List

Almond Oatmeal:  goat's milk soap with exfoliating oatmeal.  Smells sweetly of almonds.  Artificially fragranced.

Almond Soap:  cream-colored goat's milk soap that is velvety and smells sweetly of almonds.  Artificially fragranced.

Bain de Soleil Soap:  orange-colored soap that mimics the classic sunscreen with notes of coconut, carrot seed and spices.  Artificially fragranced.

Butt Naked Soap:  blush pink soap that combines notes of vanilla and fruit for a sweet scent.  Artificially fragranced.

Chamomile Lavender:  this purple soap captures the aroma of a country meadow in bloom. Artificially fragranced.


Charcoal Soap:  black soap.  Customers rave about the results of this soap for irritated skin.  No fragrance.


Charcoal Tea Tree Soap:  black soap.  Customers have had good results using this soap on acne-prone skin.  Naturally fragranced. 

Clove Soap: this clear fragrant soap tackles kitchen odors such as fish and garlic.  Naturally fragranced.


Coconut Soap:  white soap with sweet coconut aroma.  Artificially fragranced.

Coconut Lime Soap:  white soap combines the sweet smell of coconut with tangy lime.  Artificially fragranced.

Coconut Sand Soap: super exfoliating soap for use on tough skin only, such as the feet.  Not for use on sensitive skin.  Artificially fragranced.

Cold Out Soap:  mint green soap super-mentholated with essential oils of peppermint, eucalyptus and camphor.

Naturally fragranced.​

Conditioner Bar:  This vegetable-based conditioning emulsifier  is enriched with Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Vitamin B, Argan Oil and is naturally fragranced with Peppermint & Lemon Essential Oil. It is a 2 oz. solid bar and works as a hair as well as a skin conditioner.  To use, simply rub with warm water, apply to hair or skin and rinse.

Eucalyptus Peppermint Soap:  refreshing clear soap.  Naturally fragranced.

Eucalyptus Sand Soap:  Exfoliate rough skin with this fragrant soap.  Great for summertime feet!  Not for use on sensitive skin.  Naturally fragranced.


Eucalyptus Soap:  clear soap fragrant with organic eucalyptus essential oil.  Naturally fragranced.

Goat's Milk Soap: this gentle, plain and nourishing soap is great for sensitive or dry skin.  Cream-colored.  No fragrance


Grapefruit Soap:  naturally  burst of juicy grapefruit aroma while you wash with this soap. Naturally fragranced.


Hangover Soap:  Customers praise the restorative effects of this refreshing white soap containing caffeine, peppermint and eucalyptus.   Naturally fragranced.


Happiness Soap: The smell of pure joy is captured in this pale purple lavender and geranium soap.   Naturally fragranced.

Hawaiian Sunset Soap:  recall a day at the beach with this bright pink soap fragrant with vanilla, coconut and ocean breezes.  Artificially fragranced.


​Honey Oatmeal Soap: this natural soap combines skin softening goat's milk and honey with exfoliating oatmeal.  No fragrance.


Honeysuckle Soap:  The intensely floral scent of this clear bar soap will fragrance your bath or shower.  Artificially fragranced.


Lavender Charcoal Soap:  skin-loving lavender oil and charcoal in this black soap.  Naturally fragranced.

Lavender Flower Soap:  real lavender flower buds make this soap gently exfoliating.  Naturally fragranced.

Lavender Eucalyptus Soap: this white soap evokes the aroma of a day at the spa.  Naturally fragranced.

Lavender Goat's Milk Soap: one of our most popular, fragrant lavender in a rich cream-colored soap.  Naturally fragranced.


Lavender Soap:  Classic purple glycerin soap, fragrant with pure lavender essential oil.  Naturally fragranced.


Lemongrass Thyme Soap:  Enjoy the unmistakable scents of citrus-y lemongrass and woodsy thyme in this clear yellow soap.  Naturally fragranced.


Lemon Lavender Goat Soap: rich and velvety goat's milk soap combines fragrant lemon and lavender essential oils. Creamy natural color.  Naturally fragranced.


Lemon Soap:  naturally yellow, vibrant lemon essential oil creates an uplifting yellow soap.  Naturally fragranced.

Lime Soap:  the unmistakable and juicy fragrance of pure lime essential oil imbues this uplifting translucent green soap.  Naturally fragranced.


Nag Champa Soap:  captures the enticing aroma of the popular incense in a bar soap

Neem Tea Tree Soap: customers rave about the benefits of this translucent soap for fungus-prone skin.  Naturally fragranced.

Neroli Soap:  the heady floral scent of sweet orange blossoms make this deep blue soap so special.  Artificially fragranced.


Ocean Soap: the crisp, clean scent of the ocean is captured in this fragrant blue soap.  Artificially fragranced.

Ocean Sand Soap:  this ocean-scented soap contains 50% sand to exfoliate rough skin.  Not for use on sensitive skin. Artificially fragranced.


Orange Clove Soap:  clove and orange essential oils sweeten this popular naturally orange color soap.  Naturally fragranced.


Orange Soap:  pure and simple orange essential oil captures juicy citrus in this naturally orange color soap. Naturally fragranced.


Orange Spice Soap: cinnamon, clove and orange make magic in this naturally orange color soap. Artificially fragranced.


Patchouli Soap:  devotees of this naturally light amber translucent soap enjoy the unique, herbal fragrance of patchouli essential oil.​ Naturally fragranced.


Peppermint Soap:  Pure and strong, this white soap is a real eye-opener.  Not for use on sensitive skin.​ Naturally fragranced.


Peppermint Sand Soap:  Minty and strong, this uniquely tingly soap is great for exfoliating tired feet.  Not for use on sensitive skin.  Naturally fragranced.

Pine Soap:  scotch pine needle essential oil lends this white soap the pure, strong scent of a pine forest.  Naturally fragranced.

Rose Soap:  Fragrant and floral, this pink soap evokes an English rose garden.  Artificially fragranced.

Shampoo Bar - Dry Hair:  Goat's milk and castor oil nourish dry hair in this eco-friendly alternative to bottled shampoo.   No fragrance.

Shampoo Bar - Normal Hair:   honey and lemon bring out the shine in normal hair with this eco-friendly alternative to bottled shampoo.  Naturally fragranced.

Shampoo Bar - Oily Hair:  Peppermint, lemongrass and tea tree treat oily hair with this eco-friendly alternative to bottled shampoo. Naturally fragranced.


Shaving Soap: this soap is uniquely crafted to soften hair follicles prior to shaving.  Naturally fragranced with essential oil blend of tea tree, eucalyptus and lavender.


Spearmint Eucalyptus:  clear green soap is as sweet and minty as a stick of gum.   ​Naturally fragranced.


Sweet Orange:  a mix translucent light orange soap that combines Butt Naked fragrance and orange essential oil.  Artificially fragranced.


Tea Tree Soap:  the antimicrobial properties of tea tree oil make make a great all-around cleanser.  Translucent. Naturally fragranced.


Ylang Ylang Soap: devotees of this floral essential oil are happy to find this rare light-yellow soap.  Naturally fragranced