Reef Safe Facestick 30 SPF

Spend less time applying your sunscreen and more time in the water with our TropicSport SPF 30 Mineral Sunscreen Facestick. EasyStick application allows for faster application to your face, nose, and ears and won’t sting your eyes while you’re at it. Plus, our long-lasting, fragrance-free formula is good for up to 80 minutes in the water and is reef-friendly, so you and your fishy friends can swim together with no worries.

At Tropic Sport, all our sunscreen and skincare products contain:

  • NO Avobenzone
  • NO Oxybenzone
  • NO Octinoxate

Protecting our environment and your skin are our top priorities. So we make it our mission to create amazing skincare products that contain natural, non-toxic ingredients that work for you, and the environment—Every. Single. Day.