An Entrepreneurial Spirit

We always knew our daughter Phoebe was special.


Born with an entrepreneurial spirit, Phoebe was interested in making her own money starting by the time she was 11. Like many preteens, she decided to open up a lemonade stand and worked hard to market her business and keep the quality of her product high. Pleased with her initial earnings, she continued to run her stand every weekend, eventually recruiting friends in a "guerrilla marketing" campaign to bring in more business. Gaggles of preteens roamed the neighborhood streets, in search for thirsty customers. Business was booming!


After Hurricane Sandy, our family needed to move back to New Jersey permanently to fix our home which had been destroyed in the storm. Again, eager to continue earning money, but this time to help support our family in this hardship, Phoebe decided to take her entrepreneurship to the Jersey Shore.


A New Start

Hungry to find her new niche, Phoebe picked up a book all about how to make money as a preteen girl. After some quizzes and in-depth personality assessments, the verdict came back as crafts, and the family agreed it would be soaps featuring our favorite essential oils.

Family Business

The business has since incorporated the whole family in the soap making operation and the team is made up of Phoebe, her mother, father and brother all working together to support Phoebe's dream.


The products are available for sale at Farmers Markets in Monmouth County, NJ, at local retailers and online. 


Beth and Phoebe

Phoebe's lemonade stand in Columbus, OH.  Summer 2012.

Phoebe and her brother.